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Real. That one word best describes the new CD of original songs of the same name. “REAL”. An album of songs that celebrate the promise, the struggle and the forgiveness love requires. True love never dies is the message. Michael explores this theme through a variety of human experiences. From the beginning (“Please, Don’t Call It Love”), through declarations of commitment (“True Love Never Dies”). to betrayal ("You Hurt Me, Baby"), to understanding (“A Love Like Mine"), and love living on in your dreams and desires (“Real”).

Michael focuses most of the songs on intimate relationships but he expands the message in his anti-war chant, “War No More” where he makes an unimpeachable argument for Peace with the help of Myla Hardie’s passionate background vocals and Michael Martin’s stinging guitar riffs. He brings his message to a more personal level in “I Wonder What Is Waiting For Me”. And he revels in his early Southeast Texas roots with the lively Zydeco inspired “Cajun Music Saved My Life Tonight” featuring virtuoso San Antonio accordionist Michael Guerra.

While the record has a strong stamp of San Antonio musical identity from native Ernie Durawa (drums, now an Austinite) to the West Side Horns and Joe Trevino’s many years of experience with the greats of South Texas music, Michael brought his world view, his blues soul and eclectic musical influences to the forefront with the help of his friend and mentor, Milton Hopkins from Houston. He and Milton recorded a tribute (“Kindhearted Woman Blues”) to the great bluesman, Robert Johnson, who recorded his first songs in San Antonio. Percussionist/Author Eduardo Guedes gives the work a subtle Brazilian percussive feel underneath the groove.

“Real” is the statement of an artist that has been over 50 years in the making. It is both a personal milestone and new beginning. The quest to love and to be “real” continues. In the music. And in life.

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